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‘Baby’ zebras expected next week

News day / A pair of young foals, bred in captivity has been secured from Safari Enterprise in Texas and will soon leave that facility destined for the Emperor Valley Zoo. They should be in Trinidad around July 26.

These two young zebras will follow the same journey as the Zoo’s giraffes, travelling overland to Miami and then via air cargo to Trinidad.

Addressing the welfare of this “precious” cargo, Lutchmedial assured that special arrangements have been made for all segments of the journey. “We are fortunate to once again have the services of our international director, John Seyjagat who will be accompanying these animals to attend to their needs,” stated Lutchmedial.

The zebras are to be housed in an enclosure within the African Exhibit adding to the experience of guests to the Zoo “who are already enthralled with the giraffes, lions and the new impalas.” Lutchmedial has indicated that the species of zebras being acquired is the plains zebra, also known as the common zebra or Burchell’s zebra, or locally in Africa known as the “quagga”. This species of zebras is the most common and geographically widespread species of zebra.


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