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‘Festival of Bands’ electrifies St Mary’s Grounds

News day / Hyping up the large crowd for the presentation were a number of radio deejays and announcers, but getting the most out of the crowd were the JW and Blaise combination.

Eventually around 8.30 pm, an hour later than scheduled, the Festical of Bands began their parade, beginning with The Lost Tribe’s presentation of Seven.

Patrons saw costumes that were called Catherine, Rose, Morgan, Virginia, Hayle, Hannah, Scarlet, Fleur and Aurora that were supposed to depict a romantic story of seven sisters who represent the Magnificent Seven buildings that fringe the Queen’s Park Savannah and the artist’s representation of the other side of Swan Lake with the Prince as the wanderer and the girls as the swans.

As usual these costumes were devoid of features, a thing that appeals to the more mature crowd. And once again they had that appeal.

However Bliss’ presentation of Dolce Vita, with costumes named Belle, Bombay Sapphire, Shangri- La, Vintage Vogue, Onyx, Alta Moda, Lumiere, Fortuna, Le Medallion, Santorini Sunset and Vicere, took on a Moulin Rouge setting, with feathers galore and complete with foreign music, even though on carnival Monday and Tuesday in Trinidad it is strictly local music masqueraders jump to.

Then came the big Tribe and its presentation of Once Upon A Dream.

This theme had costumes depicting Mizaj, She Wolf, Mirror Mirror, Atlantica, Poison Apple, Nizhoni, Wanderlust, Agrabah, Queen of Hearts, Mystique, Maleficent, Eve, Lyria, Shambala and Pixie Dust.

But ask most of the patrons if they saw exactly what the costumes were meant to depict, they would have been at a lost for words.

It was like they’ve seen it all before, with a bead or two more, different placement of a couple of feathers and bra and panties skimpier or with more strings attached literally. But one thing was certain.

That ultimate party atmosphere is what will draw anyone to the Tribe family as the band exudes in niceness when coming to party

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