Jamaica Gleaner / Apart from those very rare (non-existent) instances in which a person’s first romantic relationship ends up being the one that they stay in until their death (hopefully not at the hands of the person they are involved with), everybody who enters into a man-and-woman relationship will have a break-up.

These separations can be exercises in power relations and, ironically, used as a measurement of the love that is or should have been. For the former, it is the person who keeps hanging on, pleading or angling for the relationship to keep going that is seen as the weaker of the two. Stories of the lengths people have gone to, to hold on to that connection with someone who no wants to, are legendary.

Then, how quickly someone moves on from a romantic relationship can be taken as an indication of how much they had loved the person they were with. It does look strange for someone who had been in a long-term relationship to move on very quickly. I can hear it now “Nuh Jane dat a sport wid de bredda inna de white shirt inna de darkas a rock pon de music? Nuh whe day she an Tom Stroke bruck up? How ol’ dem big pickney be? 21 an soon lef university? WHA no appen in a month appen in a day. Heh hey! Dem mus did deh long time!”



With the number of men killing women and then themselves, I think it is a very good time for a woman to be glad when a man lets go easily. This is definitely the time to be with a man who will walk away in an instant if (and when) you tell him it is over.

Yes, this is definitely the time to be with a man who is cold.

Unfortunately, there are those women who can’t handle the thought that a man can let them go so easily. These women go to great lengths to make a production of their separation from a man when they don’t need to. Maybe it makes them feel less important, knowing that a man can walk away from them in an instant. But is that not so much better than arguing and stalking and attacking and shooting and then turning the gun on himself and ending up on the news as just another case where the man can’t take bun?

I think, in some ways for some women, it’s an ego thing – where they want to feel irreplaceable and their breaking off a relationship can bring a big man to his knees, so they will have tales of his desperation to tell on girls’ night out.

However, better to not have stories of his holding on and think that he is cold, than to end up as a news item – very cold – as in dead. Think about it and be happy for the guys who have no problem ending a relationship at the snap of a finger.

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