News day / The shootings began at about 8.30 pm on Friday when residents of St Francois Valley Road in Morvant heard gunshots. The police were called and 26-year-old Akile Eugene, also from the area, was found on the road. He was shot once in the back.

Eugene was taken to the Portof- Spain General Hospital but succumbed to injuries.

An hour and a half later, Marvin Peters, 24, of Demerara Road, Wallerfield was playing cards with friends at the side of the road at Maturita Extension in Arima when the group was approached by men dressed in dark clothing.

The men grabbed Peters who fought back. The men then shot Peters in the face and abdomen and ran off. He was taken to the Arima Health Facility, then transferred to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope where he was warded in serious condition.

In another incident, two men were shot and killed in their beds at an apartment on Albert Street in St Joseph. According to police, neighbours were awoken by gunfire at about 3 am yesterday. The building’s landlord, who lived upstairs, went to investigate the source of the noise in one of the two downstairs apartments. He found two young men who were unknown to him, who appeared to be dead of gunshot wounds to the head lying on the bunks of a double decker bed. The police were contacted and, on arriving, confirmed the deaths of Anthony Lalla, 26, of Upper Quarry Drive, Champs Fleurs and Idi Farrell, 23, of Lemon Drive, Champs Fleurs.

When Sunday Newsday arrived on the scene six hours later, the street was tranquil with very few people about. St Joseph CID officers were still moving quietly around the street, waiting for officers to collect evidence in the depression in which the house was located.

Police added that two other persons were in the apartment at the time but their whereabouts were now unknown. Two persons were already being questioned but the police is hoping the two men from the apartment would come forward with information.

And then, at about 6.45 am, loud explosions were heard as Shawn Straker aka Shawn Joseph was pursued by gunmen from Das Trace to his home on Lovell Trace, Monte Grande, Tunapuna.

According to police, Straker, 31, was shot and fell onto the roadway near his home as relatives rushed to his assistance and conveyed him to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex where he died on arrival. Police believe his killing was drug-related and already had eight persons in custody.

Lastly, the body of an unidentified man was found at Tucagura Road, Caura on an agricultural estate at 10 am.

Police said the owner of the estate went to check on some felled trees when he discovered the body of a man of African descent clad only in a black 3/4 pants and a red and white polo shirt. The man’s hands were tied behind his back, he was gagged, and had a wound to the left side of the head.


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