The trinidad Guardian / A letter-writer in Friday’s edition, Gregory Wight, made a great effort to put the national contribution of the late PM Manning in perspective. This was a sober attempt to properly represent the legacy of the long-standing politician after the hubris and grief of many citizens have subsided.

Mr Wight, in my estimation however, omitted to record a few of the other unforced errors made by Mr Manning which made me question his vision and ambition. These include the effort to foist himself as an Executive President on the nation and the hosting of two costly international summits. But by far the saddest proposal by him was the need to build aluminium smelters in this country.

Can you imagine what financial ruin would have befallen T&T if these smelters were in operation given our present natural gas shortage? The environmental catastrophe would have been another issue. All the scribes have failed to deal with the smelters for no apparent reason.

I can assure this nation that the recorded legacy of Mr Manning would have been quite different if he was allowed to pursue his dream of smelters.

D Dalton



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