News day / Addressing camp participants in an interactive session during his first visit to the youth facility, Smith encouraged the campers to “exercise and learn but more importantly, to make friends and to have fun.” The Minister also emphasised the significance of youth camps to the nation’s development, noting that the skills obtained serve to bolster the nation’s resilience in the face of emerging economic pressures.

He said, “too often there is a tendency to place youth on the backburner.

Oil and gas may generate revenue but our greatest resource is the young people we have here.

“They are the ones who will provide the innovation and ideas that will enable us to move away from an oil and gas economy.” This year’s Camp VYBE 2016 is being hosted at several sport and youth facilities and provides its participants with opportunities to gain knowledge of recreational gardening, craft, sporting activities as well as water and life safety.

The camp is one of several youth initiatives of the Youth Division, designed to engender the qualities of citizenship, volunteerism and national pride within the nation’s young people.


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