News day / The Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny held a Jubilee Celebration in honour of the Sisters at the Emmaus Retreat Centre in Arima. Sister Babb, who will turn 90 in October, was present to celebrate 60 years of religious profession.

Sister Gabrielle Mason, however, was in Grenada and was too ill to travel to celebrate 50 years of religious profession with her Sisters.

“They are well-rooted in the rich soil of God’s love. Their fruit was not manufactured but rather it is the natural result of God’s love growing within their hearts,” Fr Hugh stated of the women. He said they were nourished by the gifts of God, they grew to maturity and fruitfulness, and they brought sweetness, protection, companionship and care to the lives of many.

“As we celebrate the lives of Sisters Pia and Gabrielle, perhaps we could thank God for all of the work that they have allowed God to do with and through them. Thank God for their generosity and their openness,” he added.

Sister Pia told Sunday Newsday, “This is one of the happiest days of my life. Sixty years is a milestone…

The work, but especially prayer has sustained me through the years.” Noting the number of friends and family who attended the mass and luncheon on her behalf, she said, “I’m surprised. I didn’t expect that they would even reach. But I knew my brother would be here, by all means. My one and only brother,” she said proudly. Remarking on her achievement, Sister Pia’s brother, veteran journalist and retired Newsday editor John Babb, 83, said, “She’s cut out for this. She left home when she was 19 or 20, said ‘I’ll see you all’ and walked straight into the Convent in Arouca.” Sister Pia said she was not only happy to renew her vows, but happy of the celebration, the honour and congratulations, and was thankful to her congregation of The Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny for organising the event.


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