News day / Torres prayed: “God bring back my mommy, where ever she dey (sic) God bring she (sic) back, where ever she dey (sic) God bring she back, God please God. When she come back God – please I want my mommy please God. I begging you God in Jesus name, Amen.” The post was shared at 9.04 am yesterday, by Betsy Hosein who identified herself as a friend of Ria’s husband Mark Sookdeo. On Hosein’s page she wrote, “My dear FB friends, this made me cry this morning. While everyone is going about their lives, here’s this little child begging God to bring his mommy home.

His dad sent me this a few minutes ago and I said I’ll share it with you.

So please (take time) out of your busy day, let’s say a prayer for my friend’s wife Ria Sookdeo…Wherever her kidnappers have her, to let her go. Mark with our prayers, I pray that God would put his mighty hands and break the chains that hold Ria. Amen.” At 2.30 pm yesterday the message was already shared 2,116 times and several well-wishers joined little Torres in prayer.

Facebook friends like Tanisha Thompson- Bharat wrote, “They say the prayers of a child is the most powerful.


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