News day / More importantly, it brought joy to children two months before Christmas Day.

The young and old all patiently waited in line with anticipation to receive their gifts, as they were greeted by Mr and Mrs Claus as they made their way from the lobby area. At the bazaar, children form the Princes Elizabeth Centre for the Physically Handicapped, Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook, and the Lady Hochoy Home were also at this year’s event. Janoura said that she is dedicated to reaching out to children and helping those who are in need of wheelchairs.

“I love doing things for the children. When I first started doing my Christmas Bazaar, I gave charity to different organisations and individuals in need.

But when you donate funds, the money sometimes do not reach those who are in need of stuff and is easily spent on things that have little value. Over the years I began donating wheelchairs,” Janoura said. She continued, “Every year, I give out more than 100 wheelchairs to children’s homes and keep some wheelchairs on hand for private persons. The crowd has gotten bigger and in our 26- year history we have new vendors and more people attending the event.” Janoura told Newsday that this year’s bazaar was the best out of the 26 years she has hosted the event.

“I have a lot of people who came out today (yesterday) even though they did not have a ticket to the venue. I have about 90 vendors this year, normally I have about 70. I am hosting this function for the past 26 years and this one is the best so far. I have sold more than 480 tickets. And we are going to buy wheelchairs to give to those who are in need of a wheelchair or those who simply cannot afford to purchase one,” gushed an excited Janoura.

Apart from the beautiful decorations and inviting ambience, Janoura said, children can also partake in the variety of toys, gifts and food on sale. She said the event was from 10 am until 5.30 pm.


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