Trinidad Express / The Carnival phenomenon known as “Monday wear” is now taking centre stage, as a number of young local designers vie for the relatively-new and potentially-lucrative market of extremely fashionable masqueraders. Determined to make each day of our two-day festival its own fashionable and photographic experience, the young, hip, “selfie-loving” crowd of masqueraders has been buying into unique and/or complementary designs to wear on Carnival Monday. The “Monday wear” trend has been growing in popularity over the past few years with most designers offering colourful and decorated one-piece bathing suits, monokinis and tankinis. As demand for this new Carnival item increased over time, so too has the supply and this new enterprise has also attracted the attention of young event/party promoters. Latest ‘Monday wear’ Two Saturdays ago, a relatively new organisation known as Initiate Novelty (IN) hosted an event to showcase the latest “Monday wear” outfits from a number of leading designers. Set against the two equally fabulous backdrops of downtown Port of Spain and the palace of West Indian cricket icon Brian Lara, the event attracted a sizeable audience of young trendsetters and curious successful entrepreneurs. IN co-founder and director Kristen Camacho explained: “Our event group came about as we felt a lot of the same types of events were being done in Trinidad and we felt there was room for something more and something different.” She said, “We launched in July at RuStreet and then had our first event called ‘Gender Wars’ in August at CIC grounds. This was a Sports Day with girls teams pitted against guys teams. It was a very unique, fun and successful first event. “The Monday wear event was something we also came up with as being new and different. Monday wear for Carnival is a fairly new concept in Trinidad, but it is definitely trending and we see it developing further in the next couple years. We thought it would be a great idea to put on an event which gave local designers a platform to showcase their designs to an audience, who would be interested in purchasing these designs for Carnival 2017. We partnered with Brian Lara and Jamey Bowers and the event was definitely a success – as the feedback from designers and patrons has been overwhelming! We are happy to have had our first successful Monday wear fashion show and look forward to making it an annual event.” The IN Monday Wear Fashion Show featured designs from: Marie Colette x 212 Location, Shawn Dhanraj, Humzee, Summerjade swimwear, Ryan Chan, Dominic Hutch, Trinidad Carnival Diary, Jamey Bowers, LSR Designs and Laura Narayansingh. IN committee members are – Kristen Camacho, Irwin Hackshaw, Patrick Dougall, Maurice Phillips, Kwame Robertson, Josanne Hackshaw, Amy Costelloe and Dominic Hutch. —Photos: NIGEL TELESFORD


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