The trinidad Guardian / has partnered with some of the leading universities in T&T to create a listing of their best graduates. It is known as the Top Caribbean Graduates Initiative. This is the first time in the region that a recruitment site has been able to create an elite listing of the best graduates from a range of academic institutions.

The selected graduates have been integrated into the CV database which has approximately 100,000 profiles. The company has partnered with some of the leading firms in the country to ensure they have direct access to the best and brightest local universities have to offer.

The University of T&T, the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business and CTS College are the first to have submitted their selected graduates. 

Clients from the private and public sector have already been given access to the CV database and the Top Caribbean Graduates list. They include Associated Brands, Oscar Francois, Nestle, Infotech, Huawei, Value Optical, Wood House, TTHTI, Costaatt, Agostini, Mario’s Pizzeria and Boomers, Digicel, Coosal’s Group of Companies and Massy Distribution-Trinidad

More than 6,000 people register CVs with every month and the number of companies with CV Database access is expanding. These companies also have access to the Top Caribbean Graduates.

Commenting on the new initiative, a spokesman for the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business said: “The Lok Jack GSB is committed to achieving high impact on the economy and society at large. Impact is measured by the extent to which graduates find employment in lucrative positions, from where they can influence the organisation, its stakeholders and the wider society.  

“The school is deeply committed to its responsibility, which extends from designing the right learning experiences to guiding students to the right employment opportunities.”

CTS College said in a statement that it is “committed to ensuring students succeed not only in their education, but in their personal and professional lives as well. We not only provide employers with skilled and qualified graduates, we also provide career progression opportunities for our graduates by putting them in touch with employers.”


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