News day / On October 19, the company continued its partnership with MOMS for Literacy, an NGO based in San Juan, which seeks to promote literacy among children between the ages of five and 17.

In addition to a financial donation, the company will also provide new signage, a security system, new furniture and telecommunications equipment and services. Managing Director of Flow, Brian Collins said, “education is one of our CSR pillars and we are pleased to be associated with an organisation that is facilitating reading and comprehension skills for young children. Mission Day gives us another opportunity to live our company mission of — Connecting Communities, Transforming Lives- few other organisations can boast of doing this better than MOMS for Literacy and of staff.” Collins continued, “while we are happy to support financially, we also understand that the children and members of staff also need to be comfortable in their surroundings that is why my colleagues and I are painting the interior walls, repackaging lesson materials and upgrading the look of some pieces of furniture.

I have a great team with me, who were quick to volunteer to assist with this project.” In addition to the facilities’ upgrade, another group of employees also visited the NGO on Saturday October 22, to act as teaching assistants during their busiest teaching day. Founder of the NGO Amber Gonzales expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the C&W team for working so closely with their organisation for the much-needed facelift.

Gonzales continued, “Flow has been really good to us. We appreciate partners who have a strong social conscience and shared values and we have this with Flow.

I have met many members of their staff who are all extremely helpful and patient. Having them act as teaching assistants really cemented our relationship with the company that goes beyond a cheque handover.

They showed they were willing to get their hands dirty by first painting and then helping us with the children.”


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