The trinidad Guardian / Trinis are always quick to call for resignation or for blood for both small and large offences. There is generally no measured response and now, for every little thing, we bawl for top retribution.

Brian Mac Farlane has done a brave and courageous act by simply nipping in the bud the furor over a small section of his mas. Its beauty was undeniable; bringing a refreshing change—undeniable. But what if the name had been different?

I salute him for doing a very un-Trini thing by simply apologising and urging us to move on. 

He didn’t go the distance and defend his mas though I am certain he had grounds and could have. He chose instead to do the gentlemanly thing and apologise to those whom he offended by this portrayal. 

Can we as Trinis ever be mature enough to follow his lead, but more importantly, accept his apology and move on?

Hafsa Khan San Fernando


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