Trinidad Express / SCARBOROUGH   A Scarborough magistrate last week found Zakiya Ramsey not guilty after facing charges arising out of an incident at the Scarborough port on January 12, 2014, including assaulting two Port Authority police officers, failing to comply with lawful instructions, and resisting arrest. But during the melee, the woman suffered a miscarriage. Ramsey, two of her children, Alisha and Ray-ann Ramsey, as well as her niece and nephew, were attempting to board the ferry to Trinidad at Scarborough, Tobago, that day with their pre-purchased confirmed tickets. The passenger registration for the sailing had closed off just two minutes before their arrival at the port, but passengers had not yet begun to board. Ramsey then begged the clerk at the counter to allow her and her children to board the ferry. According to Scarborough court submissions, a Port Authority policeman, Estate Constable Patrick, interrupted Ramsey and scolded her. A struggle ensued during which Ramsey was slapped and her cellular phone taken. She retaliated by punching the officer in his face. In the continuing struggle, Ramsey’s children were injured and Ramsey herself was dealt several blows about her body from several port police officers. An officer is alleged to have jumped onto Ramsey’s belly. Ramsey started to bleed and was later rushed to Scarborough Hospital, where she was treated. Last Thursday, a Third Court magistrate found the woman not guilty of the five charges. She was represented by attorney Kyle Fortune. A medical certificate dated January 22, 2014 (ten days after the incident) by Dr Lezama, at Mt Hope Maternity Hospital, confirmed that Ramsey had suffered a “complete miscarriage due to trauma”. Before that, when Ramsey was released from Scarborough Hospital, she was taken to Scarborough Police Station, where she was charged with: · Assaulting two port police officers; · Failing to give her name and address when called upon; · Failing to comply with lawful instructions; · Resisting arrest. She was then confined to a cell for the night, with her children crying in front of the station. She was brought to the Tobago Third Magistrate’s Court the following day, January 13, 2014, when she pleaded not guilty to all charges. Attorney Fortune represented Ramsey at the trial which took place on March 4, April 8, April 22, May 20 and June 17. The matter was then adjourned for closing submissions last Thursday. At the conclusion of the proceedings, Ramsey was found not guilty on all charges. Fortune said Ramsey is now exploring her legal options against the port police.


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