RJR News / The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) has discontinued the Help Haiti Initiative.     ODPEM, in a release on Monday morning, thanked individuals and organizations for their contributions toward the initiative in the aftermath of devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew.     It said the immediate focus will be shifted from accepting in-kind contribution, with emphasis to be placed on channeling financial contributions from Jamaica to Haiti.     ODPEM said this is due to the need for the Haitian economy to begin the rebuilding process.     Tuesday is the deadline for in-kind donations to be dropped off at ODPEM. The final shipment will leave for Haiti on Wednesday.     Members of the public who still want to help the Haiti recovery process can do so by making deposits at any branch of National Commercial Bank (NCB). The account number is 21-2387304. UNFPA Meanwhile, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has said its limited emergency funds for Haiti’s hurricane relief cannot carry it far beyond the next few months, potentially jeopardising the health care of more than 13,000 women expected to give birth this year.     With present levels of funding, UNFPA, tasked with addressing reproductive health and family planning, can continue relief work in Haiti for at least three months.    A UNFPA representative in Haiti said a lot of the women will have complications and there is concern that the agency will not be able to reach them in time.   The representative estimates the emergency response would need to continue for six months to allow enough time for damaged clinics to be repaired and refurbished.


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