Trinidad Express / Port of Spain   Local government reform is as sure as night follows day, People’s National Movement (PNM) chairman and Local Government Minister Franklin Khan has assured. “Let me throw your minds back to the election campaign of 2015. The PNM latched its wagon on one major transformational issue and that was local government reform. While not new in its own right, because this idea was bandied around for decades, however this time there was one fundamental difference and that fundamental difference is that the commitment to local government reform came right at the very top,” Khan said. His comments came yesterday during the PNM’s 46th annual convention at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, where 137 candidates for the November 28 local government elections were presented. Become a subscriber to the Trinidad Express Newspapers for access to all our articles via our vNEWS. Subscribe to vNews | Log-In to vNews


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