RJR News / In an effort to prevent future sale of contaminated fuel in Jamaica, the Petroleum Trade Reform Committee (PTRC) is calling for haulage contractors transporting petroleum products to be equipped with an electronic vehicle tracking system.     In its report on last year’s sale of bad gas, the PTRC said this must be immediately implemented by a Ministerial Order or other urgent means.           The Petroleum Trade Reform Committee says many tanker wagons offload products illegally en route to their destination.     It believes the tracking system could clamp down on such practices as well as address issues arising from a truck and tanker wagon that were hijacked and the products stolen recently.     But the PTRC stressed that the tracking system must be in good condition at all times unless disabled to facilitate maintenance or other approved reasons.       It adds that the Petroleum Inspectorate should be able to access the tracking device and determine how long the information should be stored. They should also have the right to share the information and code with law enforcement.     The report further states that all marketing companies should submit an exception report to the ministry on the movement of each tank truck and tanker wagon within 15 days after the last day of each quarter.     The PTRC wants persons found guilty of tampering with the electronic system or conveying petroleum products without it being in working condition to be liable to a fine, not exceeding $250,000 or six months in prison.              Meanwhile, during its investigations, the Petroleum Trade Reform Committee found that some gasoline retailers did not know the quantity or quality of petroleum products delivered to them.    It is therefore recommending that a Bill of Lading and quality certificate for the fuel accompany the invoice to service stations when supplies are delivered.    Additionally, the committee says all stations must have a system to ensure volume traceability.    The Petroleum Trade Reform Committee wants this implemented within six to 12 months.


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