Jamaica Gleaner / As the monthlong drive to raise awareness for breast cancer comes to an end, Flair readers would like to share their interpretation of women who combated this deadly disease to encourage someone affected. Keep fighting.

I don’t know of anyone directly but I witnessed my grandma being there for a lifetime friend of hers who was diagnosed with breast cancer. She overcame the her illness through changing her thought process to be more positive, doing a double mastectomy, moving to a city that wasn’t fast paced and less stressful, and indulged in more of the things that made her happy. She describes her illness as her greatest blessing because it has allowed her to live the life she has always wanted.

– Corey Linder



I haven’t had a very close encounter with someone who I’m related to. But based on my clinical experience, I’d say the experiences are very different, depending on the individual level of social and financial support. Most people initially view the diagnosis of cancer as a death sentence. But with counselling, social support and treatment they generally become more empowered to overcome the disease. It’s a unique, sobering and maturing experience for older women who have to grapple with death.

– Tariq Parker



She was the most vulnerable one in the room, but the strongest among them all. Because she saw her loss as a gain in strength for her and others.

– Cornell Ricketts


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