Jamaica Gleaner / A Clarendon technician who purchased a lottery ticket from a Supreme Ventures agent on Water Lane in the parish on October 22 collected his $75 million cheque today.

Supreme Ventures says the lucky winner, 44-year-old C. Duncan, had no idea that his 20 years of playing the Lotto would finally pay off.

Duncan is said to have bought the same 10 lines of numbers for more than four years.

The instant millionaire, who could hardly believe his lucky numbers where drawn, checked on the Supreme Ventures results app several times on Saturday night and one more time on Sunday.

“I said to myself, ?this could not be?, but they were my numbers. I went under a light to make sure I wasn?t seeing doubles. I checked it three times. All I did was laugh and say ?Father God, ah my time?,? Duncan said mentioning that he celebrated his birthday earlier in the month.

When asked how he chose his winning numbers years ago, he said that being an avid Cash Pot player he chose his Lotto numbers from the Cash Pot live draw results during each week.

Duncan won Cash Pot twice on the same day he won the Lotto jackpot.

Since accepting his new financial status, Duncan?s mind has been racing with freshly minted plans for his family.

?Since I won, I can?t sleep. My brain keeps working, keeps reflecting, thinking about what?s coming,? he said.

Supreme Ventures says Duncan turned up at their offices to collect his winnings accompanied by his wife and sister on Monday.

He said before he makes any decisions regarding the newly acquired windfall, he will be taking a well needed vacation from his small scale repair service.

He is also courting the idea of making major investments in his children?s education, real estate and, of particular note, a new set of wheels for the benefit of his business.

Duncan also confessed that even while he rests on his $75 million, he will continue to play Cash Pot, Pick3, Pick4 and the Lotto, with the same winning numbers.

He has also set his sights on Super Lotto to test out his winning streak.


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