Though there may not be actual painting taking place at Sugabuzz Desserts’ A Taste of Art event, owner and CEO Suelan Chung-Evans says patrons will experience art in a different way.

“Cake is art, and so with this event, we will be bringing together different forms of ‘art’ to offer a wholesome and unforgettable experience for patrons,” said Chung-Evans.

“So think of this event as a dessert party, where patrons get to indulge in a variety of sweet treats, while being entertained with live music, fashion shows, and more.”

Other attractions at the event include a special ‘cake-art studio’ display by Sugabuzz; exhibitions by Tangled Chic (showcasing handmade jewelry for adults and children); Kraas Images (with their display of Caribbean diverse photography); and Embellish Designs (with a display of handcrafted gift items and packaging.

“Other exhibitors have since expressed an interest, but unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate everyone this year. But the responses have been great so far, and we are already aiming to make next year’s event much bigger. What we are still hoping for this year, is to have a wine sponsor come on board or even to have a tasting of some of their products at the event,” Chung-Evans said.

Tickets are only $500, and according to Chung-Evans, one lucky patron will have the chance to win a Sugabuzz cake, “so don’t throw away your ticket stubs, and if you didn’t purchase a ticket, you don’t have a chance! Visit our Instagram page @sugabuzz for all the details, or call 478-2536 to reserve your tickets early,” said Chung-Evans.

A Taste of Art takes place this Saturday, December 3, at 1 Biscayne Close, Kingston 8, from 5 p.m.

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to 10 p.m.


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