Trinidad Express / THE Word of the Year (WOTY) from the Oxford and other dictionaries and authorities, and the List of Banished Words and Phrases (LBWP) from Lake Superior State University, the BBC, the New York Times, TIME magazine and other institutions, are two highpoints of my English Language year. While sign language is useful as manual communication among people who speak different languages, the WOTY and LBWP highlight language as a sign of what people consider important enough to invent or overuse. The Oxford Dictionary WOTY for 2016 is “post truth”. Collins has chosen “Brexit” from a list including “mic drop” (pretending to drop a microphone when you’ve completed a speech) and “Trumpism” which has nothing to do with All Fours behaviour unless it is not related to the national card game. In Germany the WOTY or “Jugendwort des Jahres” is “fly” meaning someone whose behaviour makes you think the person is like “Superfly” in the movie or on a drug like “fly”. Last year, the Merriam-Webster WOTY was “-ism”, and the Macquarie Dictionary (Australian English) was “captain’s call” meaning “a decision made by a political or business leader without consultation with colleagues”. 

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