News day / “I would not know who did that to her,” Toolsie told Sunday Newsday before he went to collect chairs with relatives for the funeral service to be held at their home in Petersville, Felicity.

He was allowed to go home late Thursday night, after hours with the police following the discovery of Somai’s half-naked body with a black bag over her head in bushes behind houses along Felicity Main Road earlier that day. Somai, 23, went missing from their home after she said she was going to a parlour to buy a phone card on Tuesday night.

An autopsy on Friday revealed Somai, who has a four-year-old son with Toolsie, died from suffocation.

“Everything was above board.

Everything that needs to be said is already there. I was not interrogated but they ask me to come down by the police station,” Toolsie said as he stood with Somai’s sister Ria Rampersad and male relatives in the front yard making final funeral preparations.

Homicide detectives (Region 3) had asked Toolsie to go to the Chaguanas Police Station to assist them with the investigation.

Sunday Newsday learned yesterday that Toolsie was also taken to the homicide office in San Fernando. Investigators report Toolsie told them that after Somai left to buy the phone car he went with their son to a gas station.

His wife was not at home when they returned and her cellular phone was on the porch.

Detectives said they have not yet confirmed if Somai went to a parlour.

“I do not know what to say.

Everything has already been said and is all over the media,” Toolsie said yesterday, “I have nothing more to say more about what happened.” He said Somai would not have wanted media attention on her funeral.

“I just giving she want she wanted,” Toolsie said. Asked how was their son, Toolsie repeated he did not want to say anything more about his wife’s death.

However, Somai’s sister said the family told the little boy his mother had gone out and had not returned home as yet.

“I don’t know how he is going to hold up for the funeral,” Rampersad said. “Who would want to kill her like that? We need justice in this. We are struggling to cope.” On Somai’s Facebook page, several photos are posted with her, family and friends in happier times..”


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