News day / Browne (K) is charged separately with illegally disposing of a body.

Browne has two former convictions for illegal vending and simple possession of marijuana while his ex-wife has a prior conviction for wounding and a pending case of obstruction. They are to return to court on April 18.

PC Joseph was reported missing on March 9 when she did not appear for work and relatives tried to contact her without success.

Her body was found by a fisherman in the Gulf of Paria on March 16. Cause of death could not be determined by the pathologist.

PC Joseph worked at the Morvant Police Station and was the mother of a four-year-old girl.

At yesterday’s hearing, attorney for the two Criston J Williams complained to Chief Magistrate Ayers-Caesar of the conduct of the police involved in the investigation.

He said his instructing attorney Shirvani Ramkissoon wrote to acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams and director of the Police Complaints Authority David West.

Williams said his client Kenneth Brown made very ‘damning allegations’ of unfair interrogation techniques by police. The letter also alleges that police used sleep deprivation on Browne.

Williams said his clients’ right to an attorney was also breached by police.

He complained that lawyers seeking the interests of the Brownes, including Richard Clark-Wills, Celeste St Louis- Clark Wills, Melissa Mano, Seena Baboolal, Shane Patience and Kirby Joseph were treated with contemptuous behaviour by police.

On Thursday last, Justice Nadia Kangaloo had given the police up to 4 pm yesterday to either charge Browne or release him.

The Brownes were charged late Sunday.


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