Trinidad Express / A MAN charged with receiving 22 pairs of stolen underwear yesterday told the court he was guilty of the offence.

But Joseph Billy also said he was not aware that the undergarments were stolen. His guilty plea was not accepted by senior magistrate Nannette Forde-John before the San Fernando court.

Billy was charged that between March 18 and 19 at Mucurapo Street, San Fernando, he received the stolen items including 22 pairs of underwear, two pairs of pants and three shirts together valued $1,781.

He told the court, “I guilty but I did not know it was stolen. A fella present himself as a vendor. I also sell on Short Street (San Fernando).”

Forde John allowed Billy to continue on the bail he was granted over the weekend and transferred the matter the San Fernando Fourth Court for July 24.

Magistrate: Receiver as bad as the thief

Keith Jackson, 51, also appeared before Forde-John charged with receiving a stolen tablet, four pairs of jeans, four shirts and a t-shirt together valued over $3,350.

Police prosecutor Cleyon Seedan said on March 17 the victim secured his clothing store and went away. He returned the following day to discover his establishment broken into and the items missing. A report was made to the San Fernando Criminal Investigations Department. Constable Mohess investigated. Hours later he met Jackson at Short Street, San Fernando with a black, plastic bag. Jackson was told of the report of store breaking and larceny and said, “I get them clothes and the other items from a man by the market at Mucurapo Street to sell.”

He admitted to Forde-John that he was guilty of receiving the stolen items. Jackson asked for leniency. “I don’t give trouble,” he said.

The magistrate told him, “Persons who receive stolen items are just as bad as the people who take the stolen items.”

Jackson who had over 30 previous convictions was sentenced to three years hard labour. The items were ordered returned to the victim.


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