News day / Saying that their children are too afraid to attend classes, the parents decided that “enough is enough” and staged the protest to publicly highlight the fact that one child is affecting the education of the school’s entire student population.

Spokesperson for the parents Savitri Persad said parents believe if the problem is not addressed, a student or member of staff could be seriously injured by this child who grows bolder as his transgressions remain unpunished.

Persad said that the problems surfaced at the school in 2015 when the student, who is now a Standard Two pupil enrolled.

The boy who lives in Rio Claro attending another primary school but was transferred to Santa Anita over his violent tendencies.

“If this was a small problem we would not have been here protesting.

This is bigger than you think. This little boy needs help desperately and we have said that over and over and no one seems to be taking our cries seriously,” Persad said.

She claimed that earlier this year, the student attacked two teachers who since transferred to other schools. “A teacher asked him to place his school bag on a chair and he refused. When the teacher placed her hands on the bag, the boy began to kick her.

Another teacher intervened and the student pushed away that teacher as well,” Persad said.

Then two weeks ago, the bully student choked another student and refused to let go of that student’s neck even when ordered to do so by teachers. “He held on to this boy’s neck during a fight and kept choking him and did not want to let go…he could have killed that child. Not only are the children afraid of him but so too the teachers,” said Persad.

“There was another incident earlier this year where he began beating another student and pulled out a sharpened pencil to stab him. He (the bully) had to be held down and was screaming and kicking for so.” From all complaints received from students and teachers, she said, the child cannot be controlled and needs professional help.

“He is a terror and parents are afraid to send their children to school with him being there,” Persad said.

Contacted for comment, an official of the Education Ministry would only say that there were aware of the issue and the boy is receiving counselling and guidance from the Student Support Services.

TT Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) President Lynsley Doodhai yesterday said he is monitoring the situation.


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