The trinidad Guardian / The Princes Town Theatre Workshop (PTTW) continues its island-wide tour with its exciting drama production, Parosin—The Lady Next Door.

Written and produced by journalist Seeta Persad, this play scored high at the Prime Minister’s Best Village Trophy competition and, for the first time the ever, local theatre will go to two rural districts – Sangre Grande (March 24 at 6.30 pm) and Piparo Community Centre (March 25 at 6.30pm). The play then returns to Central at the Chaguanas Borough Auditorium on March 26 at 5pm. The Sangre Grande staging will be held at the Vishwanath Mandir, on EMR in Sangre Chiquito.

This two-hour long play, boasts of a stellar cast including radio personality Donna Philip and Ryan Martinez of Bazodee fame.

Philip who returns to the stage after a two-year hiatus will be doing the role of the a rich girl who tries to set her mother up with men. “I am excited about my role as it carries a bit of comedy but yet it transfers a serious message at the end,” Philip said, adding that she has been rehearsing for one month now to perfect this role.

According to Persad, Philip, who is an attorney mediator and business manager, has no shortage of talent when it comes to bringing delivering her role on stage. “She was made for the stage as she has a light personality and easy disposition when dealing with people in real life,” Persad said.

Philip added: “To keep drama an integral part of culture those who are mandated with the skills and talent must do more if it is to stay alive in T&T.” This is the main reason she jumped at the chance to take the play into more remote areas such as Sangre Grande and Piparo. She added: “There is a market there that practitioners can tap into and fan bases built.” She added that too often people are asked to come to the city to enjoy drama when there are faculties that can be used in the suburban areas and with its success initiate improvement in the future so that the residents can be better entertained. Phillip hopes that with the success of Parosin, the PTTW will be able to be be a main staple in drama.


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