Jamaica Gleaner / Imagine being on a diet where you are able to eat many of the things that you like while losing weight.

Ann-Marie Toomer Gayle was sceptical at first when her doctor introduced her to the ITK Wave Diet System in May 2016. Having tried dieting before and failing, she was not too excited to start another fad diet system, especially one that she had not heard of before. But weighing 295 pounds and tired of feeling lethargic all the time, she decided to try the system.

Eight months later and 65 pounds, lighter, she is happy that she did. It was just after the Christmas holidays and Ann-Marie was celebrating the fact that she was able to finish the season without gaining weight.

“When I went on the scale this morning I said ‘yes!’ I didn’t gain one ounce. I mean, it is just the discipline that you gain when you are on the ITK system. You still eat the things that you like, but in moderation,” she said.

INDIVIDUAL MEAL ASSIGNMENTS The ITK Wave Diet System introduces a personalised meal assignment for individuals who are seriously ready to lose weight. The meal assignments are distributed on a weekly basis utilising ITK’s breakthrough formula.

Chief Executive Officer George Rattray, who lost 120 pounds in 10 months, explains that the system was designed to better the gastric modification procedures utilising the ITK specialized formulae along with multiple proven principles of weight management.

He says the meal assignments vary from week to week to avoid boredom and includes all types of proteins, vegetables, fruits, whole wheat bread and cereals. It also allows cheat meals on special occasions, after consulting with a coach.

Chief Operating Officer Andrea Bryan noted that the key to the success of the system is communications. “We encourage members to communicate openly, regularly and honestly.

“Members are asked to record their actual meals on a daily basis, as well as weight changes and other critical measurement data. It is important that this information be given to us, as this will help us formulate our members’ next week,” Miss Bryan explained.

To aid in the process, the ITK online meal tracker database was developed. Bryan said the system greatly improved the method by which members log their weight and meals. It also enables the ITK team to better monitor, analyse and assign meals.

TRACKING PROGRESS The database also allows the ITK team to track daily, weekly and periodic progress as members lose weight; keep track of previous meals and body responses to assignments; enter and update vital data such as body fat percentage, body mass index, blood pressure and waist size, and keeps a daily track of calorie intake. Members receive new weekly assignments based on performance of the previous week to ensure weight loss is maintained.

As a member of ITK who lost 40 pounds in four months, Bryan noted that one important outcome is that persons learn how their body reacts to different foods, when to eat what foods, and how to control their cravings.

These are the tools that help Ann-Marie on her weight-loss journey. “I mean, it helps me because I know now how to monitor the food that I eat. I’m on a maintenance programme, so I monitor what I eat. I may indulge a little, but the

programme helps me to keep on track,” she says.


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