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The Ministry of Education is probing Monday’s incident at Eltham High in Spanish Town, St. Catherine in which a male student was attacked and stabbed outside the school gate.     His injury is not considered life threatening.     The incident occurred about 3:00 p.m. during a dispute between the male student and a female student.     The female student sustained stab wounds and a man was also injured.     The school has refused to comment on the matter.     Assistant Superintendent Coleridge Minto, Director of Safety and Security in Schools, visited Eltham High Wednesday morning. He appealed to persons close to the situation to “respect the rule of law and to allow due process to take place”. “We know it’s a very sensitive situation and we understand that persons are, perhaps, hurting. (But) we want to ask the residents, the parents to cooperate with the authorities and the school and to allow the investigation to be completed without interfering at all,” he urged.


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