Jamaica Gleaner / There’s nothing more thrilling, more exhilarating or more satisfying than feeding your fantasy. Now, what better way to do just that than with food? Here are a few appetisers you can taste to stimulate your palate before you indulge in your main course: each other.

Something Salty n Popcorn: Picture this, lights turned off or low, with the vision of your lover only evident through the big screen. It’s movie night, for two. You draw for cinema staple, popcorn, and begin sharing in it’s salty delight. In no time, you will find that you’ve traded popcorn for lips, and then it’s on and popping!

n Chips: Chips can have a similar sizzling effect, especially if you’re both feeding each other. Sauce things up with some salsa dip and move from body to body.

Something Savoury n Sushi: nothing scream erotic more than the indulgence of sushi. Fellas, use those chopsticks to place the fresh meat all wrapped up in it’s natural form, in her mouth. Pretty soon, she would be yearning to trade up to the real deal.

n Oysters: the ultimate aphrodisiac must be a beauty to watch your man devour. Well, ladies, wouldn’t it be swell if he swapped the content of the shell for you? That’s certainly a win win.

Something Bubbly n Champagne: let sparks fly with some sparkling wine and celebrate the love that you both share over a glass of ‘bubbly’. Once you pop, the ‘bubbling’ and ‘wining’ won’t stop *wink*.

P.S. ladies, if you’re not into fine wines, you can always replace with a mixed cocktail guaranteed to get the party started.

Something Sweet Saving the best for last, there’s nothing quite like pleasing your sweet palate with someone as equally as sweet by your side. To help you on your tasty journey to ecstasy, you have a wide range of sweet treats to choose from. You can’t go wrong with candy, unearth your passion with pastry, chocolate and whipped cream can definitely come in handy, and when in doubt, play up on a sweet salute with fruit.


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