Trinidad Express / RELATIVES of missing business woman Sharlene Somai have begun their own search after police failed to show up to aid in finding her.

The family is distraught over her disappearance and believes that she may have been taken.

The family has been able to recover CCTV footage from a nearby business place.

Brother of the missing woman, Christopher Somai said that business owner has agreed to give the family the footage which they intend to view later of during the day.

Christopher said that his sister was not the type of person who would walk out the house without informing anyone.

He said: “We haven’t heard anything as yet on her. She is not someone who would just walk out the place. We made a missing person report and the police only called this morning saying that they going to search. We didn’t wait. We started looking all over the place for her, going in back roads, all inside Felecity, Connector Road, Pierre Road.”

Christopher said the family is praying that she is alive and hoping that she can return safely.

He said his mother is depressed by the entire situation and Somai’s four-year-old son is asking for his mother.

Somai went missing on Tuesday around 7:30 p.m. at her Peterfield Main Road, Chaguanas home. She recently opened a food place in Valsayn.

She was last seen wearing a short floral pants and a brown top.

Anyone with information can contact the Chaguanas Police Station.


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