RJR News / England’s Jermaine Allison-McCracken is the new head coach of Jamaica’s Senior Sunshine girls netball team.

Allison-McCracken has been appointed for an initial six month probationary period. She was on a shortlist of two applicants, one being local-based Jamaican Connie-Francis. They were both asked to participate in a 4-6 week trial period to assist Netball Jamaica to make the decision.

However, after that trial period, Francis refused the offer, telling TVJ Sports on Wednesday night that she felt disrespected, given her coaching credentials. This left Netball Jamaica to offer McCracken the position which she accepted. McCracken who is of Jamaican parentage, currently lives in Jamaica.

She is trained in sports psychology, health, recreation and fitness, movement and dance studies up to the bachelor’s level.

She has been involved in netball for over 40 years as a player and administrator and holds a UK Level-2 coaching certificate.


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