RJR News / One of two men who was held trying to steal petrol from a car on the compound of the Junction police station in St. Elizabeth in 2015, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to the charge of attempting larceny.   The other man was found guilty of the same charge following a trial Tuesday in the St. Elizabeth Parish Court.   Odean Nicholson, 25, who pleaded guilty was fined $50,000 or 30 days in prison, while Winston Wright, 23, who opted to be tried was fined $120,000 or three months in prison.     The court was told that shortly after midnight on December 26, 2015, Wright went to the Junction police station and requested assistance after reporting that his car had run out of gas.   The police told the court that that he suggested to them that he take petrol from seized vehicles on the police station’s compound.   His request was refused and he reportedly left the station.     Wright and Nicholson were later seen on the station compound beside one of  the seized vehicles with the gas tank cover open.


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