RJR News / The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) says its members who have been participating in operations targeting extortionists and wanted men in several parishes under Operation Clean Sweep have been facing increased threats.    This has prompted the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) to advise JCF members in those parishes to exercise extreme caution as the threat level is at extreme.     The parishes are St. Ann, St. James, Westmoreland, Hanover, St. Elizabeth and St. Catherine.    The NIB says the threat level means that violent attacks on members of the JCF on or off  duty are imminent.     Operation Clean Sweep was launched this month and is also aimed at enforcing anti-vending laws and detecting as well as prosecuting persons who breach the Dangerous Drug, Road Traffic and Firearms Acts. And the National Intelligence Bureau says in western Jamaica, the police are searching for Sadan Mullings otherwise called Sadam as well as members of  the One link Gang.    Mr. Mullings and some members of  the gang reportedly have links to  Braes River in St Elizabeth.     The NIB says the police believe Mr. Mullings is likely to relocate to either St. Elizabeth or St. Ann.


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