Jamaica Gleaner / Hello, mi neighbour! The Jamaican proverb, “Tidday fi mi, tomorra fi yu” was commonly used as a teaching tool in the earlier days growing up in Jamaica. The younger generation might not have benefited from the richness of its message, but what can I say? In English, “Tidday fi mi, tomorra fi yuh” means “Today is for me, tomorrow is for you” and conveys the idea that all, including the cute and astute, are susceptible to success or failure along life’s journeys.

I make the point that though many may fight long and work hard for success, oftentimes the outcome is devastating failure. How unfair! But hard work with the wrong approach, wrong attitude and inadequate knowledge and training can lead to disaster. Food for thought.

Few thought that many persons who enjoy success today could have amounted to anything. They had limited schooling, born in the wrong family and grew up in the wrong community under bad influences among unambitious friends. Not much was invested in them. Their parents were poor and relatives couldn’t help. So, they were condemned to failure. But you and I know that ambition can work wonders for the one who possesses it. Opportunity rarely hides from the ambitious.

The proverb “Tidday fi mi, tomorrow fi yuh” is very instructive: it tells us that we should write off no one – all people are endowed with different levels of greatness within. Everyone on God’s green earth is talented and serves a useful purpose – believe it or not. Not only should teachers, preachers and trainers work with people to get the best out of them. All human beings have that responsibility. We are obliged to work with one another for the best for all peoples. Our favourite Bible quotation reads: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ and ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself’ .

I posit once again that to be truly human, one must understand and embrace the interconnectivity of humanity. We’re one blood (despite the several blood types) and we have a duty to care for, and not hurt, one another. And where do predators, sex offenders and abusers fall in this scheme of things? How does one answer this question, given what it means to be truly human? Guess we could agree that some persons are fully human beings, while others are half-human, in need our tolerance, understanding, brotherly love and compassion that will help them to develop like the rest of us … Lord have mercy!


1. Audrey & Mrs Harvey, New York, for assisting their Jamaican neighbours.

2. Fredericka, St Andrew, for donating bed linen and curtains to a needy.

3. Judyann, St Catherine, for offering a stove to her neighbour.

4. USA neighbour’s assistance given to Jamaican neighbours.

5. Ms Alvangar, Trelawny, for offering a refrigerator to a neighbour.

6. Everybody’s Pharmacy, for acts of neighbourliness.



n Del, St Catherine – Still asking for help to do ultrasound. Should have been done from November 2015. The doctor needs it to treat her. She has no money. She is suffering.

n Dawn, unemployed mother of three – Needs help to continue selling on the sidewalk ($10,000). Daughter is a nursing student and in need of a first aid kit, blood pressure set and size 10 or 11 shoes. Other daughter needs size seven shoes.

n Neighbour – Asking neighbours for clothing for three boys – ages nine, four and three. There’s no father in this relationship.

n Melonie – Just receive a house from Food For The Poor. Asking for a stove, mattress, refrigerator, something for children to sit on.

n Neighbour – Daughter in grade 10, needs a second-hand laptop, especially for SBAs.

n Shelly, St Catherine – Needs clothing for one-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl, also shoes for church.

n Neighbour – Sister is seeking second-hand zinc and ply to build a little room for a small family.

n Neighbour – Just left an abusive relationship, asking for a TV and snacks to sell at school gate.

n To help, please call

334-8165, 884-3866, or deposit to acct # 351 044 276 NCB. (Bank routing #: JNCBJMKX) or send donations to HELLO NEIGHBOUR C/o 53 Half-Way Tree Road, Kingston 10. Email [email protected] Facebook: Hello mi neighbour.


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