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Speaking Out Shots oftentimes compete with silence

As peace oftentimes competes with violence

Over a thousand murders per year

A scary stat to read, write, or hear.

Seriously, a country where confidence

Is merely lack of confidence

Where proper defence is almost pretence

Where justice is about dollars (we have sense)

Who wants to live with 911 on speed dial?

Possibility if dem come we naa get a fair trial.

We don’t want to live in fear no more

Three locks on the front door

Grilles, mesh and sensors on the back door

Worrying about the little butter we have

When is not tief boxing food out wi mout’

Is the kelpto puss wi worrying about

It seems the man dem go prison for vacation and come back a road to work.

While politicians come with big bills, claiming dem want change

The taximan knows bills are not change

Maybe that’s why we’ve been betrayed with silver,

I don’t want to live in fear no more.

Modern-day slavery

Is the justice system’s lack of bravery

And yes, sometimes integrity.

Over a thousand murders per year

That’s stats ISIS an’ dem man deh may fear

Al-Qaeda, Hezbolla, Boko Haram nuh waa vacation here

As they may be swimming in blood

Shivering in tropical coldness

We weren’t made free to be tied up in violence.

– Sandre Lowers

Realist A pessimist

They say I am

But I see the world

The only way

I truly can

An unbiased soul

Who sees not just

black and white

But a canvas

of grey areas

Painted bright

Will I be successful?

Or will I fail?

My fate

Can waiver

In any way

We live for the best

Whilst ignoring

The alternative

When our expectations

Are not met

We comfort ourselves

It was masked

As a test

– Janice Poorman


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