Jamaica Gleaner / The Port Security Corps was incorporated in 1989 to safeguard all publicly owned ports and airports throughout Jamaica. Its primary function is to reduce trade in illicit goods through airports and seaports and to implement a programme for restricted access to these sensitive areas.

Here are some of the areas the PSC works and some of its achievements during the second half of last year.

AIRPORTS n Pre-board screening of passengers and their belongings.

n Operation of contraband or explosives detection systems for hold baggage screening.

n Non-passenger screening for persons accessing restricted areas of airports.

n Access control.

SEAPORTS n Staff/non-staff screening for persons accessing restricted areas of the seaports.

n Container inspection, labelling, and seal verification.

n Vehicular checks/inspections at the seaports.

n Access Control.

Achievements for the period April 2016 – December 2016

Drug detection n Ganja – 265lb (129 kgs) with a street value of US$371,000.

n Cocaine – 165 lb (75 kgs) with a street value of US$1.9 million.

Firearm & ammunition n Firearm seized 2.

n Ammunition seized – 547 rounds.


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