News day / “You could imagine last night (Monday) 10.30 pm, that a gunman invaded a wake, killed a man and injured three others. Just so? So where were the police? Where was the army? The so-called post that you established in Enterprise, where were the officers?” Wade asked.

Debating the Opposition’s motion calling on Government to deal with the unacceptable levels of crime, Mark queried, “Is there a policy being promoted by this Government to allow gangs to kill out gangs in this country? ” He continued, “How come you have security personnel, army and police and Defence Force and nobody could anticipate there would have been reprisals and do nothing about it? Four persons have died so far.” On Monday night, a gunman opened fire at the wake of Sylvan Alexis, brother of dead gang leader Selwyn “Robocop” Alexis, killing one person and injuring others.

Stating crime was out of control, he said, “Sometime one wonders if there is a policy on the part of Government to instruct the security forces to have a hands-off approach in areas where criminal gangs operate in Trinidad and Tobago.” Speaking on a range of issues including the report of an investigation into Attorney General Faris Al Rawi’s children holding guns on the ranges at Camp Cumuto, Mark said, Minister of National Security Edmund Dillon statement that it could not be made public as a matter of national security after the Chief of Defence Staff of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force (TTDF) had said it would, “is an attempt by Government to cover up the debacle that went on at the Defence Force.” He said, “those children, who belong to this person, who has denied ownership of the children, did a wrong, broke the Firearms Act, violated the Children’s Act and should be brought to justice in those circumstances.” The minister and the TTDF, he said, “should account for that debacle that took place on that day as well. The minister is responsible for the defence force and he must have known or should have known that something was going on at Camp Cumuto. Therefore he must tell this Senate what he knows about that event involving the children of a known Attorney General of this country.” Dillon, as National Security Minister, he said, is incompetent and has to go.

“The minister has failed miserably in carrying out his responsibility to protect the citizens of this country, and must take responsibility for what is happening in the country in relation to crime,” Mark said.

While the United States Department of State Bureau of Diplomatic Security has estimated that TT has about 100 criminal gangs, he said Dillon cannot give the nation a specific number.


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