Jamaica Gleaner / This latest interpretation of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is phenomenal. The universally renowned tale of one of the world’s most heart-warming love stories has returned to the big screen in a spectacular musical 3D production, combining live action, animation and computer-generated imagery.

Director Bill Condon is aided by his brilliant crew and the mastery of the most innovative film technology. Utilising main exteriors around Britain, Condon used 27 colossal sets built at Shepperton and then had these sets scanned into 3D digital imagery to maximise lighting and camera angles.

Tobias Schliessler, cinematographer, conquered all the technological hurdles presented by the film’s unsurpassed vision and mastered camera angles and shots that would otherwise appeared impossible. Critics agree that “if one thing stands out over all this magnificent design and skill it is the Beast himself, a character who could not appear as he does without the advanced technology used in today’s film-making”.

In his role as the Beast, Dan Stevens was aided by a combination of live-action, physical-performance capture and Mova facial-capture technology, in addition to wearing stilts, a prosthetics muscle suit, and a fractal grey bodysuit with visual effects indicators that read every one of his movements.


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