Jamaica Gleaner / New York:

N yammings , one of Jamaica’s top food-tasting TV shows visited the Big Apple for a taste of what’s cooking NY-style. Krystal Tomlinson, the delightful and charming host, brought her yard style twang to see how much of the recipe has left yard. Nyammings , currently on break, airs on CINTV channel 73 and Fios channel 26 on Sundays at 5:30 p.m. throughout the 5 Boroughs of New York.

Moving across the Boroughs, Krystal and her crew’s first stop was in the heart of Brooklyn, East Flatbush where they met with Kayla Reece, a Guyanese native living in Jamaica. Kayla, also the Marketing Director of Fly Jamaica, prepared her grandmother’s favorite dish, roti and bungal shrimp. “Marvelous! Simply marvelous!” said Krystal as she bit into the roti. “This has such a mesmerising, rich, smooth zest. It’s well worth the trip,” she said nodding.

Pushing through the snow, they headed to the original Golden Krust Restaurant on Gunhill Road, Bronx, and met with the Golden Krust team led by Jamaican chef, Alden Beckford, who brought his boyhood passion of cooking with friends to the Golden Krust franchise. “We a go run a boat! Back ah yard style!” He laughed as he prepared the ingredients for the lunch meals. Without disclosing the secrets to the success of Golden Krust’s signature golden beef patties or tender mouthwatering ox-tail, Chef Alden delivered the ‘back a yard style’ deep seasonings, spicy herbs and slow fire cooked style which led host Krystal to say, “You still have yuh country style wood fire cooking.”

From the costumer’s delight of rice and peas and oxtail, to curry goat or chicken, Chef Alden’s succulent lunchtime delivery had Krystal and the patrons in awe. “Great food”, explained Joan with Spanish-Jamaican burr. “The best,” explained her friend as they posed for a picture in the food line.

Moving south to the heart of the Apple, the crew stopped by BB King Blues Club and Grill in Times Square where they met with the Executive Chef, Patrick Wenford Simpson and his staff. The Jamaican-born celebrity chef displayed his colorful layout of herbs, spices, seasonings, fruits, vegetables and utensils, as he outlined his passion for cooking as child back home as “running a boat or stirring a pot” for his sister.

With some quick cooking tips for his guest, Chef Patrick then wets Krystal’s appetite with his flavorsome cuisine of Tar-Tar Chicken. “Authentically tropical”, she marvelled, turning her head to the ceiling. “De jerk peppa (spice) jus seep up on you.”

Continuing with his skills, Chef Patrick indulged the host in one of his unique specialized dish of Jona Claws (large shrimps) in Coconut Curry. While the aroma tantalized the Nyammings crew, Chef Patrick emphasized that cooking should be fun. Krystal’s mouth salivated to the colorful simmering of chef’s Jona claws. With every savoring bite, she tried to save succulent flavored drippings with both hands. “Strictly Yard!” She said as she enjoyed Chefs Patrick’s curry Jona claws and white rice.

In the end the trendy critic understands that for some Caribbean nationals, “when they leave for abroad, certain things they can’t leave back a yard”.


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