Trinidad Express / THE LAST person to have seen Ria Ramlochan and her 15-month-old son alive testified during the third day of the murder trial on Friday.

Neighbour Nicholas Mitchell gave evidence that at 9.30 p.m. on August 10 2005 he saw the mother, 26, and her child in a shed outside her house.

Three days later Ramlochan’s body was found in a latrine pit at her home. There were three stab wounds to her chest and abdomen. The body of her 18-month-old son was found entangled in a fishing net on the bank of the Mafeking River, Mayaro. A post mortem found he had more than 14 cuts and stab wounds about his body.

Arnold Baboolal who is also called “Shawn” and “Son”, 40 of Mayaro, is on trial before Justice Althea Alexis-Windsor in the San Fernando Third Criminal Court for their murders. He is being represented by attorney Rekha Ramjit and Gina Ramjohn.  Attorneys Shabaana Shah and Chantal Hospedales represent the Sate in the matter.

Mitchell told the court he could see Ramlochan’s house from his home. He said he returned from a crusade on the night on August 10, 2005 and saw Ramlochan rocking in a hammock and Ishmael Timothy Ragbir “running around.”

Under cross examination, Ramjit asked if he had testified before the Mayaro Court back in 2006 that he had seen Ramlochan and Ragbir at 9.30 a.m. Mitchell said while it was stated on the document shown to him on Friday, it was an error. Ramjit told him he was making up that piece of the evidence but Mitchell said he came to talk the truth.

He said he saw “Son” visiting Ramlochan in July and August 2005. He said he saw him about twice for the week. Mitchell who worked off-shore at the time said due to his working arrangements, he saw “Son” four times for the month of July and the same number of times in August 2005.

Mitchell said he last saw “Son” about three days before August 10 2005. He said on the night of August 10 he saw no one other than Ria and her child at the house. He said dependent upon where he was at his house he could hear noises at Ramlochan’s home.

In response to Ramjit, Mitchell said he did not hear any noises on August 10 2005 that caused him concern between the time he returned home from the crusade and the time he fell asleep. He said he fell asleep about half an hour to an hour after he got home.

He also testified that there were several tracks that could be used to get to Ramlochan’s house.

The trial is expected to continue today.


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