The trinidad Guardian / Last night, a literal thief in the night stole my car out of the driveway. I did not hear anything. I couldn’t have, because my ill husband was fighting dementia demons and creating his own noise. As soon as I discovered the car missing, I called the police. Two young officers came straight away, took all the pertinent details, and left.

Then I realized that I wasn’t unduly fazed by this intrusion into my private space. I have lived here for fifty-six years and nothing surprises me anymore. This is the third vehicle, over a span of 30 years, that I have had stolen. One was recovered weeks later with bullet holes in it, the other was found a year later, although it had a tracking device in it.

My eldest daughter was almost raped by a neighbour’s gardener when she was nine. And my other neighbour’s son was murdered when my youngest daughter was two. These two incidents were so disturbing, that from that moment on, I realised that anyone was capable of anything.

My teenage son went to school one day with his skateboard. Whilst he and a friend were skateboarding behind the school, they were robbed at knifepoint. The thief took his shirt and shoes, but he begged to keep his skateboard, and the thief let him keep it. There is nothing more unnerving than sending your son to school and having the police call and tell you he’s been robbed.

When my eldest daughter and son were in their early 20s, they rented a townhouse on their own. They were robbed. My son was tied up and my daughter was taken out of the home at knifepoint. She had the presence of mind to hit her attacker on his arm, which sent the knife flying, and it hit a neighbour’s window, waking them up. The robber ran, and took her valuables with him. My son ended up with a thin slice wound on his neck where the bad guy drew the knife over it.

Then a very good friend of ours was murdered. His body was found in his burnt-out car. I believe after that I went numb.

Of this I’m sure, our country needs help with its security. After watching the drama unfold in London last week, I believe someone from the British Security Services would be a great place to start looking. And a lot of money should be put into installing security cameras everywhere. Don’t let the population know where you’re installing cameras, just do it. Almost every crime in the UK and the US is solved with the help of camera footage. And as soon as I’m mobile again, I’ll be installing my own cameras. Please, let’s stop this wanton behaviour…it’s time.


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