News day / However, their plans have been stymied after light poles for the project were removed from the site shortly after the General Elections of September 2015.

Since then, questions have been asked, and no answers provided, as to when the facility will be provided with floodlights to allow its club cricketers and members of the public to use the ground for a range of activities.

The Everglads Sports Club has been in existence for over 35 years with its primary objective of providing the members of the rural community with an adequate recreation facility. This is designed to benefit not only the youths who participate in sports competitions, but men and women who exercise and engage in keep-fit programmes.

Over the years, Everglads have played cricket at the highest level, competing in the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board’s South-East Division. Currently their cricketers play in the Southern Sports Minor League.

Recently, the club has set as a priority the development of the ground with assistance from the National Commission for Self Help and has successfully built a pavilion. But the project to provide lights started in mid-2015, with the backing of its executive and the Ministry of Public Utilities.

According to a press release, much progress was made, so much so, that poles to mount the flood-lights were delivered on the ground in anticipation of having them erected, equipped and connected. However, shortly after the September 2015 General Elections, the poles were removed without any explanation.

Not daunted and in keeping with the challenge of developing the facility, the executive and members of the Everglads Sports Club, recently held an opening ceremony for their new pavilion, in addition to a thanksgiving service to commission the 2017 cricket season.


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