Newly-appointed Judge Marcia Ayers-Caesar was warmly welcomed to the bench by attorneys yesterday, as she made her debut in the San Fernando Third Criminal Court.

Ayers-Caesar, who formerly served as the country?s first female chief magistrate, former magistrate Avason Quinlan-Williams and attorney Kevin Ramcharan received their instruments of appointment from President Anthony Carmona on April 11.

Before Ayers-Caesar dealt with her first matter, attorney Subhas Panday stood up and on behalf of the southern lawyer?s fraternity and congratulated her on her appointment.

Welcoming Ayers-Caesar to the San Fernando High Court, Panday recalled that as a magistrate she meted out justice.

He said even though some defendants who appeared before her may not have liked her decisions, they were always pleased with the manner in which she conducted the affairs of the court.

Pointing out that her good work, brilliance and dedication over the years have borne fruit, Panday said: ?We are deeply happy and grateful to have you in this jurisdiction.?

He gave Ayers-Caesar the assurance that she will be afforded southern hospitality and promised that not a single lawyer in San Fernando will be rude to her or behave in any untoward manner.

Although they often find themselves on the opposite end of the table, on this occasion State prosecutors Shabanna Shah and Chantal Hospedales concurred with and endorsed Panday?s submissions.

Thanking attorneys for their warm welcome, Ayers-Caesar said she was familiar with the southern hospitality and looked forward to presiding in the court.

Five criminal matters were listed before Ayers-Caesar, but all were adjourned without the empanelling of juries.


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