News day / The autopsy showed that death was caused by acute oxygen deprivation.

Yesterday, the result of the autopsy was made available to officers of the Homicide Investigations Bureau and a 43-year-old relative of Mohan, who was detained shortly after her body was discovered on Thursday, was immediately released from custody.

Mohan’s body was identified yesterday at the Forensic Science Centre in St James by her brother and a female relative.

Sources revealed that Mohan and her husband were undergoing counselling and their last counselling session was on Wednesday night. Relatives told police that Mohan and her husband had their differences but she was never a victim of domestic violence.

Yesterday, Dr Alexandrov told Newsday he was able to determine that suicide was the cause of death due to several reasons such as Mohan’s body not having any mark of violence to suggest she had fought with an attacker.

He also noted that there was no broken skin under her nails. However, tissue samples were removed and sent for further tests.

On Thursday, Mohan’s husband Dave Rampersad, 43, left their Mafeking Village, Mayaro home for work in Guayaguayare. He returned home a around 10.30 am and discovered Mohan lying on her bed with a plastic bag over her face. Rampersad removed the bag and found another plastic wrapped around her face.

Rampersad removed the plastic and checked for a pulse.

He then contacted the police.


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