Jamaica Gleaner / Giving her mother’s account of what happened, Robinson told Family and Religion that her mother fell on a sharp stone when she was seven months’ pregnant and was rushed to the emergency room of the hospital.

Her mother was given the unfavourable news by the doctors that in order to save the baby, she would have to die, or vice versa.

“My mother wasn’t a Christian yet, but while things seemed hopeless, my God was there making a way. Three days later, as my mom was there in pain, a stranger showed up at the hospital saying that the Lord woke her out of her bed and sent her to go pave the way for a baby prophetess to be born. She prayed for my mom, and, glory to God, my mother went into labour immediately and I was safely delivered,” she shared, adding that the woman had never before been seen at the hospital and that her mother has never seen her since.

Robinson, who is now 22 years old revealed that she began prophesying at the age of 16, and has witnessed numerous supernatural happenings in her life.

According to her: “I remember being really sick as a teenager. I went to six different doctors and they all told me a different story. Some told me I had cancer, some said I had a cyst in my tummy, and others said I would get grey and die. I changed medications on a monthly basis for three years. I remember feeling so down I began telling everybody that I was going to die. I was also trying to fix up every area of my life so when death came I would be ready,” said Robinson.

“The doctors took me off flour, rice and all starch. All I could eat was cabbage and meat. My colour grew grey, and I was bleeding.”

the dream One night, Robinson dreamt that she was in bed and saw four angels approach her with a stretcher.

Recalling the dream, Robinson said that the angels took her off the bed and carried her away.

“It’s like I was flying, but then some persons with arrows attacked them, and it’s like I went to a hospital. There, I saw a man dressed in full white. I couldn’t see his head, he was so bright. I could hardly open my eyes to see him. He said to me, ‘You will be OK. I am here to heal you.’ He touched my tummy with a bottle of clear water and took something from my belly, then he said, ‘You are healed.'”

Robinson testified to feeling free when she woke up the next morning.

According to her, when she went back to the doctor and did tests, the results showed no trace of sickness.

“I was healed! God Himself touched me! Our God makes a way from no way. You may feel hopeless now, but I want to encourage you that God didn’t bring you this far to leave you. You are chosen for greatness. You are not a mistake. God could have killed you in the womb, but He gave you life for a purpose. My story was for God’s glory. What doctors said was impossible became possible. Today, I’m here living. My mom is alive and well all because Doctor Jesus is the final consultant!” she declared.


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