The trinidad Guardian / I have always been an advocate for honouring regional citizens who have done us proud. Too often we plonk praise on the undeserving and ignore our treasures, then when a foreign entity celebrates them we rush to join the bandwagon.

Listening to the criticisms surrounding naming a stand after Sachin Tendulkar at the (finally) opened Brian Lara Stadium, I thought there might be something worth considering before condemning.

Brian Lara represents an epoch of world cricket. For over a decade, from 1993 and his 277 in Sydney, he was the batsman the world wanted to see. But he did not stand alone. Sachin Tendulkar was the other. History will brand that period with both their names.

It seems fitting then that they should be paired at the Stadium. Fitting that there should be some respect for Brian’s legacy, because his legend will always be told with Sachin as his counterpart. To name a stand after Sachin is to keep that connection alive for us amnesiacs. It does not mean excluding regional players; it means putting Brian’s achievements in the global context it deserves.



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