Jamaica Gleaner / Anyone within a nation who wants to legalise prostitution should be considered an enemy to the nation’s progress. Who in the society would want their sons and daughters involved in prostitution? What we as a nation should do instead is to create opportunities for our people to be employed and learn a skill, motivating them to respect their bodies, their values and maintain dignity.

Many of those involved in prostitution will be the first to tell you that they don’t want to be involved in it, but they engage only because they are desperate to survive and often have no other support system. Many are single mothers, others are members of prominent churches.

Many leaders in society are too lazy to take the step and come up with solutions to create opportunities for the people. They are, instead, quick to come up with answers that call for very little effort on their part and doesn’t do much (if anything at all) to truly advance their people and nation.

Some leaders pretend as if they care about our women and youth or are championing gender issues, but from time immemorial until now, they are using the women and children as a front and they don’t really care about them. Some are in it for what they can get out of it themselves, not because they truly care about the wellbeing of the people.

Our leaders and our people should be getting together to discuss how to bring out the gifts and talents within the nation for sustainable development and to create hope, rather than debating whether or not to legalise or decriminalise activities which degrade, demoralise and diminish the value and dignity of our women and youth especially.

Decriminalising would cause hardship Legalising or decriminalising prostitution will open the door for greater hardship and abuse, even rape and murder in the nation. STDs will increase.

The influential men and women of our nation who engage in the services of prostitution will then have a freer hand at legally coming after our young ones, and there is nothing that we would be able to do about it legally.

There are ‘big men’ who can’t have a good erection and demand ‘bareback’ sex from the young girls (or boys).

The dons, pimps, extortionists and ‘druggists’ will now be allowed greater power to run our nation amuck.

Women’s health issues would spiral downwards, since you can’t truly put a stop to those with STDs nor guarantee protection, because once their time is paid for they are ‘owned’.

All we would be doing is strengthening the sex industry, increasing the levels of immorality and degradation of our women and youth, increasing kidnapping and sex trafficking and the total breakdown of our health industry, since there is not a stipulation regarding those with sexually transmitted diseases, and women’s health will be at greater risk. Furthermore, our high-school students, who don’t see job opportunities anywhere else, will now look at this as an outlet. Subsequently, what is likely to happen is that when they are of no use to them or are not ‘marketable’ for their purposes later in the industry, they would push them aside and leave them to die without hope.

No nation can be built without morals and a sense of civic pride or dignity. Without those elements, the people of the nation are on a path to self-destruction.



A 2007 Dutch government report stated that there was a highly significant drop in the emotional well-being of and a great increase in the use of sedatives by prostitutes after the legalisation of prostitution.

No leader would want to cash in by legalising prostitution for taxation. Government must provide real alternatives and opportunities for our women and youth. In legalising prostitution in our country, I guarantee that you would see a heavy influx of women from other nations being brought in, because they would be deemed more ‘marketable’ and more affordable.

We have so much talent in the nation, so much untapped skills and ideas; our people are so gifted, and the only solution our leaders can find is to make the people as products for sale, rather than creating for them the opportunity to produce and bring true growth and development.

Solutions – Teach our people to live within their means.

– Effectively teach our people to save and budget.

– Banks should eliminate 50 per cent of the charges they currently levy on the public and encourage savings.

– Increase the minimum wage.

– Conduct a survey throughout communities to identify the number of unschooled children and get them schooled.

– Reduce the GCT to at least 10 per cent.

– Hotels and doctors need to give major discounts to families, particularly where the parents are married.

– Our leaders need to earn their salaries and provide realistic opportunities for the people of the nation they serve.


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