Jamaica Gleaner / British Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood once said, “I am attracted to people who make this effort in knowing what suits them – they are individual and stylish.” And nothing is sexier than when an attractive man suits up for the right occasion – from weddings, to dates, corporate functions in-between.

Which woman doesn’t like a man in a tailored-to-fit suit anyway? Well, we wanted to find out. So Flair Magazine , in paying homage to our Tailor Edition, took to the streets of New Kingston to ask women if they loved seeing a man in a well-tailored suit, and if so, what exactly did they love about it?

– A well-tailored suit shows arms and assets. The key to wearing a suit is ensuring that it is well tailored to suit their bodies.

– Nicola Sybliss


– I like a man in a suit. It shows that he has a certain level of confidence, conviction and a great sense of style. If it is well tailored, then it is sure to complement his physique. You can tell a lot about a man’s body by the way he looks in a suit.

– Simone Bennett

– I’m not necessarily a fan of suits. I love when a man rolls up the sleeves of his shirts to his elbows and wears a dress pants, which will especially look good if he has bow legs – nothing too tight, of course.

– Felicia McNish


– Men in suits look sophisticated and professional, and that’s why I like it!

– Maya Hibbert


– A man in a suit looks more professional, and he looks like a gentleman, well put together and neat.

– Rushelle Robinson

– I think suits are too traditional. I prefer business casual clothing, suits just seem too old-fashioned for corporate. They’re not for every day, but rather for special occasions like weddings, and suit specialised professions, like that of lawyers.

– Kaydian McLean

– A suit lets a man look so sexy, and professional, too.

– Fiona Bennett

– When a man wears a suit, it makes him look extra masculine, and based on his appearance, makes him seem like he knows what he’s about, being well put together and all. I don’t like when a man wears just any suit, it has to be well fitted.

– Shaneque McPherson


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