News day / Davis summed up the business of The Bahamas over the last year with one word, hope.

She said the entire world now appears to be in turmoil, with us taking things and people for granted, losing respect for law and order, and losing the values which mould, guide and grow nations, because we want to get there fast, wherever there is, and we do not want to stop and take the time to develop our skills, personalities and potential for sustainability.

Davis then stated that with hope, all this can change.

She explained Hope as Helping Our People Evolve then said the “h” is for helping, in ways that do not necessarily rely on funding, but rather to renew a faith in themselves and in the world, and to regain hope. O – opportunities are available to everyone. We just need to figure out a way to encourage people to decide what they would like to do, and find a way to get it done. P – people, She said we need to tap into personal God-given and God-driven resources, and E – every day is a new beginning.

Expect something good to happen every day, and it will. She said: “We need to let people in difficult circumstances know this.

It is imperative for them to believe that nothing lasts forever.” Before toasting to TT Davis raised a toast to Bahamas’s new Prime Minister Dr Hubert Alexander Minnis who took office just two months ago.

In her own response, Jennifer Daniel, permanent secretary, Ministry of Foreign and Caricom Affairs, first congratulated Davis, on her appointment as the new Dean of the Consular Corps and also congratulated Minnison his election.

Daniel then said TT endorses Minnis’ call for the region’s leaders to act together to harness the region’s tremendous mutual potential, while facing shared challenges.

“It is indeed very appropriate that this year’s independence celebrations shall be based on the theme Toward the Rising Sun: One CELEBRATES from page 4B God, One People, One Bahamas, for it poses a clear reminder that as a united front, all challenges can be faced and overcome.” She then affirmed TT ’s readiness to continue to pursue initiatives that will be of mutual benefit to the two countries, and reaffirmed the Govt’s commitment to strengthen the ties of friendship between our countries.


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