The trinidad Guardian / When the Prime Minister says ‘We have had to borrow to fund our lifestyle,” whose lifestyle he is referring to?

Surely he could not mean the lifestyle of our poorer sector of this nation as these poor souls have been deprived of many of the essentials for decades.

There has been practically no real effort put into enhancing the living conditions of such folks.

Many are still living in shacks without easy access to good drinking water, electricity medical care, welfare, education, proper roads to their homes and other necessary amenities.

It really does not matter how much money there is in the Treasury, politicians here have turned a blind eye to the needs of the underclass. This is reflected by the rate in which poverty is becoming widespread throughout the nation.

This is not something that has happened overnight. It is simply that our politicians, despite all our past wealth, has allowed growing poverty of the lower class and are really only interested in supporting the lifestyles of the already rich and well off.

So it is therefore reasonable to assume that when the Prime Minister mentions funds for our lifestyle he is only referring to the upper and middle classes of this nation.

The poorer sectors of our communities are not and have not been considered as having any form of worthwhile lifestyle to support with Treasury funds.

The rise in poverty within many districts is reflected by the national “hot spots” crime as, with the rising cost of living and galloping unemployment, there is now no other way left for the poor of this nation to make two ends meet.



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